Monday, January 9, 2006

Hello I come!!

Have been inspired to start my own blog by a friend whose blog am a loyal fan of. Guess been reading too much of other people's posts and since then have been itching to start typing away but alas, have always been bitten by the lazy bug, and nothing ever ventured..

So, why start tonight, finally? reason is I have been following a very exciting Hong Kong series on DVD (20 episodes condensed into 1 DVD) for the last few nights and thought that I would have that pleasure of continuing the `chase'. Ah ! but what have I done? I actually left the DVD in the office! so, suddenly am at a loss of what else to do..might as well stop procrastinating and start my blog, a new start to a new year, yea!

Although the first week of the new year has already slipped by, i believe it is still a good time to start thinking of what I want to get out of the year, i.e. make new year resolutions! So, here goes my humble list, hopefully, my string of resolutions will be practical enough to still be in force when we reach later part of the year...

1) Live a more healthy lifestyle
By having that subheading, am I currently living an unhealthy lifestyle? well..not exactly... but i do think I can actually improve further by making some changes, such as `early to bed, early to rise" (2am bed time on working nights has to go!!), more frequent visits to the gym (esp hotel gyms when am travelling), more diligent in taking my supplements, must remember to brew my monthly bird's nest for complexion, drink more h2o, less coffee !

2) Keep a healthy balance between work and personal life
This is a mighty tough one!! but i think i am already seeing the very least, I have stopped working on weekends, unlike some time ago, when I was practically working 7 days a week. However, with a very tight travelling schedules, and work plan in view for this year, I believe I would need to put in more `effort" in order to keep this balance, and not let it slide and skew more towards the work arena. After all, am not getting any younger and hence, must really live life and not just let life pass me by, without enjoying it more.

3) Revamp my personal finances for better management
Whenever someone asks me about my personal finances, I always skidded the subject. My excuse had always been, "Finance was my least fav subject back in biz school...!!". anyhow, late last year, I finally took a long hard look and made some critical conclusions of my current status. Hence, it is time for action and a call for revamp! will need to spend some time in this area and be more diligent too in studying investment options and hopefully by mid year, I would have a better level of knowledge to start investment.

With only 3 resolutions, will try hard to stay on track. Hopefully by end of the year, will have one posting, to reflect on how the year's been. Belated Happy New Year to all !!