Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Retrospect - Movies Mania of 2008

Just as some people have a cookie jar to keep spare change, I have a tin can that I place my movie ticket stubs into. Not that these little pieces of paper are worth anything, nor are they a collector’s item. Come to think of it, am not sure why I started this practice in the first place. (duh!)

So, now, at the start of 2009, looking back into 2008, I started to count the stubs, which now represents the number of movies I've watched in either GSC, Cineleisure or TGV last year. :)

I know I am a great movie fan, and love to watch at the cinema occasionally (or so I thought) but I’ve never realized that I am such a movie-addict, till I started to count the stubs that I’ve kept for 1 year. All in, there are 32 movies I’ve watched in 2008 in the cinema alone.. (read – not counting those on DVDs yet).

I must stress the cinema part, cos I also have another collection of movie DVDs at home (will blog on that separately). That makes it an average of 2.6 movies a month.

Golly..and 2008 had been an extremely busy year for me, and I myself am amazed at how I managed to do that, considering i don't watch movies during weekends, only week nights!

I guess this is the part of me that is really `spontaneous". Gosh, what a revelation from a bunch of ticket stubs. If only they have bonuslink/loyalty programme for cinema goers.. :P