Friday, March 27, 2009

Smoke Not?

Found these some time ago, while I was window shopping at the duty free section in Schipol airport in Amsterdam.

These are very `in your face" messages posted by the tobacco manufacturers themselves on the potential risks and harms of smoking.

I guess it was a local ruling, as across the board, all the different brands carry such warning messages, albeit with a different twist or angle.

Few questions that hit me, will such messages actually deter consumers from picking up that pack of cigarettes?

Will smokers be concerned & alarmed (as intended) with all the warning messages as stated?

How successful was the campaign in reducing the number of new smokers? or getting the chain smokers to give up?

I don't have the statistics, can't tell now..

Now, let's play with an analog...let's just visualise a plate of succulent char siew..well marinated, fragrant, with dripping sweet dark sauce, a little bit of overburnt dark skin on the side... and someone just plastered "Char siew is carcinogenic", "Eat Char Siew makes you fat"... "Char siew can clog up your arteries".. hmmmmmm....

Will that stop anyone reaching for this plate of char siew then? You tell me!
Meanwhile, I know I'd still go for my porky fix anytime.. :)