Monday, August 18, 2008

Whatever happened to ME?

My long hiatus from my blog is very glaring. I have had friends (`loyal' readers of what little I have wrote) calling me and asking me, `when are you going to update your blog?", "are you ever going to write a new entry?" and lately even my brother (whom i never knew ever read my ramblings) actually posed the same Qs as well.

So the question really is, whatever happened to ME all these months?

Here's the answer:- I `delivered' another new `baby' for the company! and since then had been hecticly busy with 'feedings, burpings and diaper changes'. To those uninitated, I have just launched another product for my company (4th one in 6 years, to be exact), and have been `mothering' this new pink little baby with lots of tender care and attention.

Now, the baby has learnt to crawl.. but nonetheless, things at work has not simmered down like before, rather, its on the contratry. I have since also adopted another portfolio, and some expanded responsibilities.

Whatever happened to ME in my personal life then? nothing much, same ol' same ol'. But as time goes by, I have also realised that we go through phases in life when friends come and go. And as one gets older, and more friends get married (when they become `Smug marrieds') or add more to their brood, they tend to have even less time to socialise with the Singletons.

Do these Singletons unite then? Alas, this is not always the case. Again, with the passing of age, people tend to develop different interests, and likes, and some fixations in the way things are run. Flexibility to embrace and accomodate diversity & differences also starts to wane. In time, one will hang out only with those friends who are least threatening to their established routines.

So, whatever really happened to ME? all of the above! plus procrastination, plus lack of inspiration, plus ......

Whatever-la ! I better get started again on all those blog ideas I have jotted down over the months...waste not!

Behold, the Northern Babe is back.