Sunday, November 1, 2009

State of Inertia

Inertia: according to the online dictionary, this refers to " a disposition to remain inactive or inert".

This is what I have been, towards this blog of mine for the past few months.

Not that I had completely forgotten that I do indeed have a blog.

My state of inertia has to be a function of my workacholism.

With the mounting workload, and working at home after hours, just couldnt bring myself to blog. As blogging involves looking at the computer screen again, when I can actually already log off to do something else..., am I not cut out for blogging maybe?

Similarly with exercise. State of insertia, that is, until recently. Due to stress, I was compelled to push myself out of this exercise inertia, and yes, believe it or not, I am finally back to the gym. And in order to make it more interesting for me, I have a focus in gym. I mainly go for Muay Thai... hai-yak! chomp chomp, ...which turned out to be an excellent destressing tool albeit the bruises and aching limps thereafter :)

Maybe, just maybe, if I try writing short whimsicals every day (or alternate days), I could just push myself out of this writing inertia too? let's try!