Sunday, June 18, 2006

Year to Date (YTD) updates

Can't believe it had been aeons since my last entry. alright, even that was a pitiful attempt at blogging when my overall entries year-to-date was only standing at 2 !

The months had not been easy on me, mainly with my escalating workload, and constant travelling. A lot of my nights were spent on clearing my backlog of emails etc as my day is spent going out to meet my clients and working with my team to ensure that our product launch, coming up soon will be well received and the product will just fly off the racks!

Next week, i will be travelling again, going on a roadshow hopping from Kuching to KK, to Penang and Ipoh. following week, Singapore again!

Need to put effort in order to juggle the fine lines between working for a living, for living for work. The positive side if things is that I still try to `live' a life away from office, trying to weave some activities into the web of never-ending work and work-related travelling.
This weekend, met up with my regular kaki for movie and our usual supper and drinks. Only reached back home in the wee hours of the morning, at 3ish; of course, after we hang around Soul Out watching the Ghanians thrash the Czechs at 2-0. Yeah ! (but hey, am not a football fan at all...heheh..just let myself follow the flow, and everyone was just so `in' into football these days. I must keep up also with the masses , even if my interest is not even there.)

Dragged myself out of bed at 10ish this morning, so that i can meet up with 2 girlfriends for an early morning movie (again!). "X-Men 3" was good and entertaining. Never loved Wolverine more than this movie. In the past, he seemed like a immature and hot tempered anti-hero. At least in this one, he has mellowed and hmm... seemed more appealing. hahah...maybe I am getting old, and older men are more attractive these days?