Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 4th Month in a nutshell

* finally went on a business trip to Milan
* extended the trip for a short break to Lake Como (woohoo!)
* had to surrender my driving license in exchange for a Belgian license = no driving allowed this month :(
* learnt to take public transportation to work : metro-train-shuttle bus = ~1.5 hours
* weather has turned real nice with sunny days :)
* found the Parc du Woluwe, and started to go for a run after work these days. loads of greeneries, really lovely!
* stumbled upon nude cyclists one fine Saturday afternoon in Brussels - created a lot of furore and remarks from friends when I posted on FB. Man, are we such country bumpkins that a bit of nudity is such a big talking matter! :D
* stress increases at work - resolve to go to run in the parc more! will waitlist gym membership for autumn onwards when the weather get cold