Friday, August 8, 2014

We may never know whats round the corner

(this blog entry was on 19th July, right after the crash of MH17, but have not published it then)

It is with great shock and sadness to learn about the tragic events of MH17.

It is also particularly surreal, as this is usually the flight that I would normally take, when I am going home to Malaysia. In fact, my parents took the exact flight 1 month ago, after their trip to Europe to visit me.

Life is certainly very uncertain. You can buy the best insurance policy that is available, ensure you check every single detail of your journey, properly look left and right before crossing the road, and yet, sometimes, life can deal a fatal twist, and suddenly a stray bullet appearing from nowhere guns you down.

I have always appreciate the fact that life is simply too precious and fragile to allow it to just pass like that. I will cherish those around me, but unfortunately this is not always a sentiment of those around me.

You may ask me if I know anyone personally on board the fated aircraft. Honestly, I don’t think I do, although I probably can only confirm once I see the passenger manifesto. However, no matter of whether I do or not, the fact remains that this event has deeply touched the core of my being. I feel so saddened, and so disturbed. Being a patriotic Malaysian, I feel the pain of my fellow Malaysians that once again we have a mishap with our national carrier. I know we are the butt of jokes of many all over the whole, over the disappearance of MH370, and how it was not properly media handled. However, I do not think anyone in Malaysia should be blamed for this tragic event, as everything was according to plan, everything was in compliance, there was nothing fishy or dodgy at all, and yet, MH17 was shot down from the sky, poof, just like that. I can only say that MH17 was very unfortunate and happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

My heartfelt condolences go out to all the grieving families, relatives and friends of passengers of the fated airplane. I pray that courage, strength and fortitude for them in this hour of duress. For the rest of the Malaysians, let’s unite in this time of national grief and not be bickering over the political squabbles or racial tension. For the rest of the world, support and patience are really what you can provide in this difficult times, and be sensitive to the needs of the grieving families, and not make this as a cause of a joke. Losing a loved one is of unimaginable pain, but to lose someone so tragically, is beyond unimagible.

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